My Story

In 2008 I took on the biggest journey of my life. Only 21 years old at the time, Tanzania was going to be my most ambitious dream and adventure I have ever taken. Graduating from University with an engineering degree and driven with passion to volunteer, I was antsy to take on the world and explore my passion in the most spontaneous fashion. On June 8th, 2008 I landed in Arusha, Tanzania and joined a Canadian not-for-profit volunteer organization that had prearranged my 8-week volunteer program with a local Tanzania non-profit. From there I met other volunteers and my Country Coordinator, Alphonce, whom I remain close friends with till this day. However, it wasn’t until I met Samson, whom I bumped into at the non-profit centre, that I would forever realize my permanent fate with Tanzania.

Over 11 amazing years later, Samson, Alphonce, and I would dream dreams and accomplish goals like we have never imagined.

From being the best man to Samson’s wedding, to starting up a successful non-profit organization and reaching milestones we can only once dream, and finally finding common ground in ideas that would unite us all. I have furthered my fate into Tanzania, farther than any other foreign tourist, sealed my place into Samson’s family history, and created relationship bonds that would last beyond the future of my future kids. Tanzania is home, and the connections I made are my family. We are one as Africa is one.

Koongana is about uniting you with my friends and family. It is about creating a personal friendship with those I have come to know for over a decade. So that one day you will find your place in a country or continent that has changed my life and the future generations of my family.

– create your own story.